Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 26

Façade Arup designed a series of different façade types for the multi-unit residential and gym buildings, with a particular focus on reducing the heat loads through solar gain in order to limit energy usage. “The client required stringent weather performance, acoustic infiltration limits and excellent overall product quality due to the project’s location in a harsh seaside working harbour and the image of the development”, explained Tessa Brunette, Arup façade designer on the project. 26 Sustainability Arup worked with the Green Building Council of South Africa to develop a custom mixed-use tool for the No. 3 Silo (multi-unit residential) and No. 4 Silo (gym), being considered as one building. This tool predominantly takes from the Public and Education Building as the latest tool, and borrows from Multi-Unit Residential. “It’s always interesting to work with the council to develop their tools, as we have a with a number of developments in the Silo District, as it gives us grass-roots knowledge of what goes No 3 & 4 Silos