Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 24

No. 3 Silo was conceived as three ‘silos’ of accommodation of varying heights. These ‘silos’ are connected by a circulation and technical spine which folds on the corner of the site. All apartments enter from this spine and all vertical and horizontal services are located along it. Between the ‘silos’, and straddling the above circulation spine, are the two circulation cores of lifts and stairs. Brief The V&A’s brief for the apartments called for maximum apartment heights and maximum expo- sure to the magnificent views in all directions. This 24 required that vertical structure was pulled in from the perimeter (also to suit the structural imperative of a basement parking grid below) and horizontal structure that was as thin as possible, with no downstand beams to reduce the full height glazing. But the corner cantilever structure was then too long, so the corners were cut back and braced with steel structure. This suited the harbour industrial aesthetic initially explored at No 1 Silo, and were thus expressed and highlighted. The steelwork was picked out in a yellow that was chosen from the colours of the docks, referring to the cranes and gantries of the working harbour. The stair cores were likewise expressed steel structures, this time picked out in a red found in many places on the ships in the harbour. No. 3 Silo faces both inwards, into the District’s public realm and the views of and between the building of the district, and outwards, towards the harbour and the long views across Table Bay and to City and Table Mountain. The inner façades, being more protected, are more open and domestic and include balcony planting, whilst the outer façades are are enclosed and industrial, finished in a Rheinzink skin. The entrance to No. 3 is at the internal corner formed by the fold of the building on the corner of the District, is semi-private and protected from wind. It is also shielded by the form of No. 4 Silo adjacent and it’s bridge above. No. 4 Silo is a gym. It is positioned at the base of No. 3 Silo and extends partially beneath it. The northern portion houses the primary public areas of the gym, the swimming pool and the workout areas, whilst the studios and change rooms are recessed into the base of No. 3. No 3 & 4 Silos