Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 102

INTERIORWATCH THE LATEST NEWS AND PRODUCTS FROM THE COMMERCIAL INTERIOR INDUSTRY NEWSWORTHY MOBILE BLUETOOTH SOLUTION FOR HOTELS dormakaba South Africa has designed a secure, accessible and easy-to-use mobile Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution for hotels. The solution allows for hotel guests to use their mobile devices as room keys, sidestepping check-in queues and paperwork. Installation is simple and cost-effective and the result is an enhanced guest experience and increased security. A mobile device is a convenient and reliable tool for both the hotel and the guest. Guests simply book their accommodation, download the mobile key application and receive their hotel room key on the app. Once they arrive at their destination, they proceed directly to their room and use their mobile device to enter. The system integrates seamlessly with the hotel locking system, using a cloud-based platform to manage the key allocations and controls. The locks are compatible with BLE which means there is no difference in the price of the locking system. The only cost would be the BLE antenna that needs to be fitted on the inside of the lock and the annual licensing fee to host the hotel in the cloud. 102 SPIRAL CELLARS NOW IN SOUTH AFRICA Since the launch in June 2017, South African wine enthusiasts are now able to install exceptional tailored cellaring solutions in their homes or fine wine and culinary destinations. A Spiral Cellar is a stylish underground wine cellar capable of holding up to 1,800 bottles of wine in stable, professional cellaring conditions, whilst at the same time creating an interior design feature within the home. With a pedigree of 35 years, Spiral Cellars is Europe’s &VfW'&VBWW'6V&pFfr&VV66VFW6RfW 2vR6V7F26RbFRv&N( 0fW7BW6W2FVb7&gG6V6'&W2WBFP7FF2b7&6V'2FR&W7R6V'26&R6VW76ǒ7FVBW70FGvvVV2F6VVBW7Fr7G'V7GW&R"6&Rv&VBFWp&6FV7GW&FW6v7&6V'2FW2FR66WBbG&FFVFW&w&VBg&V66V"BWFFW0BvFfVFW72FW6vBFV6wF7&VFRFRW&fV7B6V&r6WFGW&ǐfVFFVB77FV7&VFW27F&R6V&r6FF2֖֗6rfV7GVF2ƖvBFVW&GW&R"V֖FGvFWFÃ&GFW2Fǒ7F&VBBF7VBFRvFR7&6V"2WW'FǒFW6vVBvF6FV&'7GƗ6vFRf6f"67F6FVBB6VFRvFR7&6V"&fFW2FRw&VFW7B66GvFWFW&FWFW"b"V7VF&Rf"6vf6@6V7FvFvFR7FW0f"V7FW66VBV6bFR&22FVWVVvF66FFRvP&GFRvFfW&pBFR&vW7B6V"vV6ǒW6R&RFv76W2bvPVVvf"fWrFW 'FW2vFFRgV&vRbF"ƖvFr@66W76'F2f&Pf"F26V"B26Pf"676WW'2F7&VFPFV"W&fV7B6&FFR&v7&6V"2W&fV7Fǒf&V@6FGW&67&WFRvFWFW&FWFW"b"6FR&v7&6V &7G2&RFVVv76Rf"6V&RvR6V7F2V6&7F&W2WF#@&&FVW"r'W&wVG6VB&GFW2FR&v7&6V"26f&RvF66Rb&W76fRF"ƖvFrB66W76'F26r6V"2&VV7FVB67FF6RFvv62Vf"fWvp'FVB&6r7F'G2B#3cW"7FFf6BFRvV'6FRBwwrFWvW&6"RâfFWvW&6FW&"vF6