Architect and Builder Magazine South Africa Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 - Page 100

COMMERCIAL CATEGORY WINNER CTICC East CTICC East is an extension to the very successful Cape Town International Convention Centre. It comprises two convention halls of approximately 5000m 2 each, a larger concourse area as well as smaller meeting rooms. Three distinct areas can be described: a) The support structure for the second floor hall, which is provided with only 4 internal support points for the 5000m 2 floor. In addition to dead loads, this steelwork carries a design live load of 750kg/m 2 above as well as exhibition hanging loads and movable wall elements below. A system of deep primary and secondary girders and tertiary beams supporting Bond-Dek cladding was selected. b) The roof structure over the upper hall, comprising a column-free space of 5000m 2 . Due to architectural requirements, only two girders were permitted to span the short direction, with secondary girders spanning the long direction of the hall, and rafters above. The depth of the secondary structure was limited to gain as much headroom as possible. The roof structure is also designed to carry significant hanging loads as well as suspended movable walls. c) The concourse and meeting pod structure, comprising a vertical structure for the support of the 22m-high curtain wall, a composite roof structure over the meeting pods and part of the concourse, and a saw-tooth roof structure supp 'Fr7VFVBV2Bvr&VFFVBFv&G0FR6WF7FVVv&v2FRǒ&7F66WFf"FR&vP726''rfW'VgG2F2&V7BFVvVW&W2FW"F2vW&R66FW&VBVfW'66V6V7F2vW&RW6VBf"bFR&'@6V6F'v&FW'2F&VVfBg&FRVg&fW0f&RvRGV'V"6V7F2vW&RW6VBF6WfRFP7B6VFW"76&R6V7F2f"FR7W'BbvpVVVG22vV2FR6rFF&bFW&R&RVW&W2VW7VVVVG2FFR7FVVv&F2&V7BG&Rǒv&FW'22VFVWvFVfW'66V6&G2WFcvrW"ǒ7W'FrFR6V6@f"B6''rƗfRBb7B36V7FFW6v&V6&W&rG&7'BBW&V7FvW&R6VvRGVRFFR6RBvVvB`FR6V7F2"#6ֆv7W'Fv7W'FVB'WFW&7FVVvBv&FW'2FVWFRFW&76W226V 276&R26rFF7G'V7GW&R&FFVBCRFVw&VW2&VFfPFFR7W'Fr7G'V7GW&RBƖgFVB"f&fPFB7W'Fr7G'V7GW&RvF֖VbfW'F6V&W'2FR6rFF7G'V7GW&Rv26WB2Ɩv@276&RW6rGV'V"6V7F2FVWFR&b76P2V6WGFW&VB276&RGVRF76R67G&G2FR&R֖BF&P7FVB'7&RF66ffBFvW"'VBWBFFP&b6FB6VWG26VB&R&VBF&V7FǒFFR&bFR6V7F&WGvVV7FVVB67&WFRVVVG0v2'F7V&ǒ6VvrW7V6ǒvW&Rf&6W2vW&PfW'v67B֖FW2vW&RW6VB2V6276&R6RvVvr2V62r7FVV6V7F2v&FW'2vW&R66&VgVǐv&6VBF&W7VB6WFrFB6VBG&6fW FR76fRFW&f&6W2vRB&VrFFff7VBF76V&R6FR6&VgVrv26&WV&VBFFRW&V7FWFFwbFRf"B&b2v&FW'2BF&RFV&&ǒ7W'FVBGVRFFPF7F6R&WGvVV7W'G2BFRvVvBbFR6V7F26ƖVC5D40&6FV7G35dFW&FdDVFW6v"`7G'V7GW&VvVW#7WFW&@VFG7W'fW#&FvFW'2b66&V7BvW#F&vWB&V7G06G&7F#fVrw&W"D7FVVv&6G&7F#6"&V7G06FFrVf7GW&W#&VW66R7FVV6FFr7WƖW#77FVV6FFr6G&7F#66VFV7FVVv&G0