Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 99

MBS workplace environments Meetings space can be at a premium in some places. MBS workplace environments have been looking at solutions which best meet the needs of its clients and have come up with some solutions which they believe can help. The sky pod takes advantage of wasted space which may be available outside of our client’s offices e.g. the office carp park or on the roof of the building! The Sky pod is ideal for those external environments. Delivered flat packed it can be easily assembled or dismantled; it will last for many years and can even go with you when you move. The Sky pod comes with a 10 year warranty, excellent sound insulation, comes in a range of sizes and interior options. If you don’t have room outside but still need a space for those important discussions or a place where you can retreat to do some quite work then maybe duo is an alternative option. Compact, well insulated for sound, a choice of interiors and specifications, extremely well made. In the age of collaborative working spaces what if you need to have a meeting but don’t wish to disturb fellow workers and still need some privacy? Well maybe the tunnel is the option for you, it slides over work stations and enables groups or individuals to obtain some privacy quickly and easily. For more information about these and other solutions Call 01296 668044 or mail: