Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 89

Solus Ceramics launch new slate effect range Leading tile supplier Solus Ceramics has launched a unique natural inspired porcelain floor and wall tile range, which represents the ancient form of slate. Cosmology is made up of four distinctive neutral colours, ranging from a dark charcoal grey through to sandy beige. All of the tiles within the Cosmology feature elements that mimic the look of natural oxidisation, allowing the range to perfectly lend itself to interior projects where an authentic natural ambience is needed. Designed and developed purposely for the high demands of the UK specification market, the Cosmology range was designed specifically with the requirements of heavy traffic commercial projects in mind. This extremely high slip resistance lends itself to many practical uses; meaning the range can be used in a huge array of applications from residential dwellings and busy commercial properties, through to spa and pool areas where the user may be barefoot. A versatile range, Cosmology, is available in a wide array of sizes from a standard 300x600mm format all the way up to a much larger 600x1200mm. For more information, call Solus Ceramics on 0121 753 0777, email or visit Chair 7 Series By Lebello Chair 7 series by Lebello is an exquisite outdoor furniture collection using our innovative tech-rope material, lightweight yet durable technical material as the woven shell for each of its eye-catching designs. With optional solid brass or stainless steel leg tips adding luxurious touch. The Chair 7 series is available in several styles - dining chair, club chair, rocking chair and bar stools with extensive selection of powder-coated colored and tech – ropes materials to choose from. Designed by Lebello in 2017. The Forever Summer Collection™ For more information, visit Email: T: 1 310 878 4578 F: 1 503 309 4286 TURN THE ROOM YOU HAVE INTO THE SPACE YOU NEED. Multispace Systems have been successfully supplying award winning Folding Partitions and Movable Walls. Multispace Systems begin each new project by considering the customers needs. We can assist Architects, Interior Designers and end users in the innovative use of Movable Walls to maximise the use of space. Visit our website at Contact us on 01262 340149 or email info µÕ±Ñ¥ÍÁ…•ÍåÍѕµÌ¹¼¹Õ¬)1•‰•±±¼½™™•É́‰•ÍÁ½­•¸½¹ÑɅÐ‘•Í¥¸Í½±ÕÑ¥½¹Ì°Ý”…É”…¸)•á±Õͥٔµ…¹Õ™…ÑÕɕȁ½˜¡¥ µ•¹É•Í¥‘•¹Ñ¥…°…¹½µµ•É¥…°)™Õɹ¥ÑÕɔ¸