Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 86

London Cushion Co & Material concepts Material Concepts has been trading since 1994. In that time we have been asked for almost everything that can be done from fabric. Having started life just as a small curtain fitting company we have grown into the industry employing professionals in all areas of making and installing. We now have a full team of in house curtain makers, upholsters, carpenters and curtain fitters working world wide on some of the most beautiful properties, This keeps our days interesting and pushes us to strive to be the best we can be, A happy client is a good sign be it in a villa in Dubai or a small flat in a side street in London next to our shop. Despite us having our own in house interior designer most of our Projects come from architects and interior designers, this gives us a lot of repeat clients which has helped us grow over the years into one of London’s largest bespoke soft furnishing companies used by some of the worlds talented and most sort after interior designers and Architects. We are known in the industry mainly as curtain and blind makers with all our products being traditionally hand made in house here in Battersea, This has been the back bone of the business for the last 25 years, The quality that we have been known for with the curtains and blinds has given our clients the confidence to try us in the other soft furnishing fields as we grew into them. We are now proud to offer a bespoke service on Blinds of all types, curtains, cushions, upholstery new and re covered, headboards and awnings. For a few years now electric curtains and blinds have been getting more and more popular, Then the child safe laws came out quite rightly which made clients want electric curtains even more as they are so much safer as there are no dangerous cords dangling. We have really taken this on board to the point we understand the electrical side more than most, Some of the better known electrical manufactures use us to trouble shoot for them knowing we can fix their products as well as they can. Or they directly recommend us to retail clients that require a certain product, This gives us a really good standing in this field. Our services on the electrical side now also takes us world wide to design and install when others falter.