Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 76

different colours and a variety of heights, the new Viva L gas be connected to bottled gas or be a fixed installation with remote operation and adjustment allowing the stove to be controlled with just one click. Rais also welcomes their customers to tap into their own creative potential becoming co-designers of their stoves, allowing you to choose the shape, material and colour that will complement the other details in the home. This customization has led to Rais receiving the internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award which is now the official seal of approval on the latest series stoves from Rais. Based in Frederikshavn in the North of Denmark, Rais are widely acknowledged as the premier quality Danish stove manufacturer. Best summed up by their slogan. “Art of Fire”, Rais products unite aesthetics with technology, form with function, and design with craftsmanship, meaning these stoves are made without joints and visible welds, so the stove you get is in a league of its own. With nearly 90 percent of their products being exported to Western Europe and the United State, Rais’s driving force is constant development and quality without compromise. All of which results in exclusive, eye-catching solutions which cannot be found anywhere else. The sleek and streamlined convector stoves and fireboxes feature elegant styling, door handles at a comfortable height, cool handles, single-lever air control, DEFRA exemption across the range and the option of a direct external air supply. Using cleverly designed air control systems, Rais stoves give perfect combustion under all conditions delivering a perfect balance of primary, secondary and tertiary air even at very low burning rates. These ultra-modern fires, are now available with CleverAir, an intelligent technology, developed by Rais, that is capable of automatically controlling the air regulation in the stove. CleverAir technology makes sure that Rais stoves always get the optimal air supply, continuously delivering the cleanest and most effective combustion resulting in improved stove fuel economy and better utilisation of fuel. With extensive industry knowledge and close attention paid with regards to worldwide trends, the majority of Rais stoves already meet the strict Ecodesign criteria. Aimed at lowering emissions and improving air quality, the new European-wide programme will become mandatory for all stoves by 2022. Due to the strictness of the new performance criteria many stoves on the market will need to be completely redesigned, how the incorporation of the most advanced combustion technology in Rais stoves means they are already future proof. With the recent launch of the Viva L gas stove, Rais are forever expanding their product range and brand. Available in six Knowing that the difference i 2FPFWF2&266W76&W27&VFR6W&V6RVGB7W&w&fFrFRf6pFV6W2FFV"vB'W&r7FfW2FW6vVBvFFR6RVVv@gV7FƗGB7G&VƖVB7GR2FP7FfW2&266W76&W2&Rf&RFffW&VB6W'2BFW&27V627FVV֖Vv72B67FR2FRff6T'FW"bF7G&'WF"&27FfW2&RW6W6fVǒf&PF&Vv&&W2BW"fVVBWGv&`&WFW'2F&VvWBFRTB&VBW"W'6R'VB&fW'6FR6w&66v66W2f&WGb&27FfW2琦W&FVBƗfRF72f"gW'FW"f&FW"&0f&W6W2B66W76&W2f6BW vV'6FRwwr&&W26V"6W2ss2#C