Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 68

UNITING FORM AND FUNCTION THE DYNAMIC TM UCV CANOPY FROM MEDICAL AIR TECHNOLOGY C M Y An uncluttered aesthetic that creates a sense of space and modernity, the popularity of minimalist design shows no signs of diminishing. At MAT, we believe that these principles can be applied very successfully to operating theatre design, creating a truly modern environment for the outstanding surgery performed in our hospitals. MAT is known globally for its ultraclean ventilation (UCV) operating theatre canopies, an essential part of any UK operating theatre. The UCV system uses laminar airflow to transform the area around the patient and surgical team into an airborne pathogen-free environment or “clean zone”, dramatically reducing the risk of dangerous and costly surgical site infections. The Modern Operating Theatre – a technology-fuelled sleek surgical environment Huge advances in medical technology have extended the possibilities of what can be achieved within the sterile environment. New designs are needed to accommodate new expectations: integrated theatres now feature an array of technology connecting the theatre environment, while a hybrid theatre is equipped with advanced medical imaging devices such as fixed C-Arms, CT scanners or MRI scanners. To accommodate this additional equipment, theatres need to be as uncluttered as possible, with clear space at ceiling level for pendants to move in and out of the clean zone. medical technology business to create the DYNAMIC™ which, in addition to enhanced design and outstanding functionality, employs MAT’s unique ECO-flow™ technology for unequalled energy efficiency in a canopy of this type. The DYNAMIC™ UCV Canopy Sleeker, more versatile, more energy efficient, the DYNAMIC™ is the UK’s most flexible, high concept, screenless UCV canopy, uniting modern design values with outstanding functionality for enhanced patient care. In standard UCV canopies, the airflow is directionally guided by glazed partial screens around the canopy perimeter. However, in response to changing theatre demands, MAT has launched the ECO-flow™ DYNAMIC™ screenless UCV system. In the DYNAMIC™, the glazed partial screens of the conventional canopy have been replaced with a uni-directional controlled airstream, generated at the boundary of the clean zone and fitting flush with the underside of the canopy at ceiling level, creating a sleek, elegant unit that integrates seamlessly with the ceiling structure. Engineering for the 21st Century Despite its focus on simplicity, minimalism requires a lot of effort and knowledge of structures and mechanics to create a clean and mess free design, where spaces are predictable, uncomplicated and uncluttered. To achieve this, MAT brought together some of the best engineers in the Contact details: Medical Air Technology Tel: 0844 871 2100 Email: Web: CM MY CY CMY K