Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 53

BLINDBOX The unique universal blinds bulkhead The unique universal blinds bulkhead What is BlindBox TM ? Find out how we can help you. BlindBox is a fresh view on the traditional bulkhead constructed in timber and plasterboard and then decorated. BlindBox TM works in a similar way by providing a universal housing that accommodates most makes of blinds with added options of a closure plate to conceal the blinds further and a ceiling ange that integrates with the main ceiling. To find out more or to discuss the window shading requirements for your next project why not get in touch. TM BlindBox TM provides a secure fixing with bracket locks to suit Armour systems. BlindBox TM is a one-piece aluminium pro le conferring the further bene ts of a clean, sophisticated nish, signi cant savings on installation time and cost e ectiveness and a reduction in site waste. How does BlindBox TM work? BlindBox TM is designed to be installed to a completed shell before ceiling construction. When installed, BlindBox TM creates a universal recessed housing concealing the retracted blinds and provides the perimeter ceiling edge in one integral pro le. With no further requirement for drilling on site the blinds are simply and cleanly tted just before handover. 01883 731 188