Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 46

How Sustainable Design Can Ease The Environmental Damage Of Bottled Water There’s no disputing the fact that our enthusiasm for bottled water is soaring. In Britain, our consumption of packaged water mounts up to over 3.3bn litres a year, while globally, we now drink as much of it as we do milk. Often up to 1000 times more expensive than tap water, it’s an obsession that’s not only become a strain financially, but also environmentally. For each bottle of water manufactured, its production uses three times the amount of water than what’s in the actual bottle. What’s more, recent research shows British households fail to recycle a staggering 16m plastic bottles a day, resulting in dire consequences for marine life.* In light of both businesses and households becoming more aware of this shocking impact, UK demand for mains-fed instant filtered drinking water systems is gaining momentum. While not a product that initially conjures visions of style – ideas of energy efficiency, convenience and cost savings do come to mind. However, sustainable design must be beautiful; it’s essential for the mass uptake of products and building methods that are beneficial to the environment. Mindful of this, and the fact that architects, who play a central role in the sustainability of a project, shouldn’t have to wrestle between ethics and aesthetics, Zip has developed the HydroTap. A powerful, yet stylish filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water tap, the HydroTap is available in a wide choice of beautifully designed shapes and on-trend finishes, from Scandi-inspired rose gold, to industrial matt black. Whether classic Arc, contemporary Cube or minimalist Elite, the tap designs offer a sophisticated addition to any kitchen, all while housing world-leading filtration that’s 25 times better than a water filter jug. Those with a HyrdroTap installed at home or in the office need only fill up their reusable bottle or glass with pure- tasting chilled or sparkling water, leaving bottled water completely redundant. Furthermore, this sleek appliance houses the latest in advanced energy efficiency technology. Although many water delivery appliances use excess water during the chilling process, the HydroTap’s state-of-the-art cooling technology uses air, so no water is wasted. Other features, including PowerPulse technology, which delivers a precise amount of energy to the heating element, and auto-sleep function, which powers down the unit after a period of inactivity, see the HydroTap dubbed one of the most sustainable water delivery appliances on the market. Understanding the importance of marrying sustainability with design, Zip’s products work to respect the natural resource we all depend on with beautiful, enduring designs that are as good for the people as they are the planet. Find out more about Zip’s WRAS-approved range of HydroTaps at or call 0345 6 005 005.