Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 42

A Winning Wetroom Solution from Schlüter-Systems It goes without saying that any wetroom solution should be functional: the least of your worries should be how your design withstands its intended usage. But in producing a successful design for such a space, creativity also plays a key role. Innovative and practical, Schlüter-Systems’ intelligent wetroom solutions allow you to meet the functional requirements of wetroom substrate preparation whilst retaining freedom for design. All the components of a Schlüter ® -WETROOM system are manufactured to complement each other, resulting in a long-lasting solution for a demanding area. The Schlüter ® -KERDI range provides an extensive selection of products to create a CE marked bonded waterproof installation—including installation boards, membranes and drains, as well as pre- fabricated niches, shower trays and corner pieces—in addition to the Schlüter ® - KERDI-200 waterproofing membrane, which celebrates its 30th year in 2017. The strength of the thicker versions of the multi-functional installation board Schlüter ® -KERDI-BOARD is such that they can be used to construct major features such as seats, vanities and partition walls, and are suitable for natural stone and large format tiles. Schlüter offers a number of other products to enhance a wetroom installation: underfloor heating systems are available in both electric and hydronic variants and high quality collections of profiles protect the edges of your chosen floor covering and smooth transitions. For contractors, Schlüter products save time, hassle and manpower, ensuring a quick and intuitive installation process and minimising material wastage. With your entire solution obtained from one source, troubleshooting is easier and there is a clear point of contact for any advice. Protection should extend beyond the physical: the guarantees provided by manufacturers can make or break the decision to specify. Schlüter-Systems Ltd stands by its complete system solutions, and provides advice, specification, and product warranties where required. Where a member of the Schlüter Approved Installer Network has been used, product and application warranties can be extended, for even greater peace of mind. Use of the right system at the point of specification pays off in the long-term, preserving reputations and avoiding costly remedial works. Full product specs and comprehensive sets of NBS Clauses and BIM assets are available from the company website, allowing for quick specification time after time. With Schlüter-Systems you’re in safe hands; for more information call 01530 813396, email or visit