Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 128

33 26 35 36 33 Look up what can you see Modular Building Blocks Beautiful Decorative Recessed LED Downlight. One of 5 designs and 3 sizes. The latest design trend is modular – with beautiful, flexible and practical solutions now available from If you thought modular was only for furniture think again, as these versatile, robust modular building blocks offer a contemporary design solution for offices, within the home and throughout the retail and exhibition section. Unlike regular partition walls, displays or room dividers, modular blocks are a re-configurable, highly portable de-mountable walling system. Totally unique, this smart solution offers innovative designers a whole new world of possibilities across a range of products and use cases. Already, big name brands such as NEXT, Ubisoft and Springer Nature have used modular building blocks for temporary and semi-permanent walling and space dividers. Isn’t it time you thought outside the box? We are distributors for beautiful high end Architectural and Decorative Luminaries. Representing the following brands as the Sole UK/EU agents for LBL Lighting - Tech Lighting and Element-Lighting. Supplying the interior design sector throughout the UK & Europe. 34 We actively work with our clients on many luxury projects. Whether the project are commercial, residential, luxury yachts. Please visit our website for more details. Rolando Luci Ltd T: +44 1244 389 323 info@rolandoluci