Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 109

Kemperol ® Liquid roofing and waterproofing at its very best ƒ Ideal for flat roof refurbishment, repair and new build roofing projects. ƒ Complete solvent free and odourless waterproofing systems available that can be laid whilst the building is operational - Ideal for schools, hospitals, factories, offices, etc. Have the work done when you want it or need it. ƒ Kemperol ® is a cold liquid application removing the fire risk of hot works. ƒ Laid in a single wet-on-wet process, our Kemperol ® waterproofing resin saturates a tough reinforcement fleece and cures to form a totally seamless, durable, UV stable, elastomeric waterproofing membrane that cannot delaminate and is fully bonded to the roof substrate. ƒ With BBA Approval and a life expectancy in excess of 25 years your roofing budget will never be better spent. ƒ For more information visit KEMPER SYSTEM Tel: 01925 445532 Kemperol Liquid Waterproofing