Archetech Issue 31 2017 - Page 104

Every lighting application calls for different priorities. Sometimes it’s about the total light output, measured in lumens (lm). Sometimes it’s about colour rendering, measured in CRI. Sometimes it’s about energy efficiency, measured in lumens per watt. But for a lot of applications, it’s all about luminous intensity, or “punch”: the intensity of the light at the centre of the beam, measured in candelas. A powerful punch is crucial for directional lighting applications where you require high brightness or contrast on an object, or need to light it from a long distance. Spotlights, industrial luminaires and architectural luminaires all need to pack a serious punch. At just 5.6mm thick Plessey’s ORION™ LED small footprint modules pack a punch with excellent thermal performance, directional light emission of GaN-on-Silicon LEDS and Beam Forming technology at individual chip level. All this allows the ground breaking Stellar TM miniature optics to give exceptional centre-beam candela power without the need for bulky optics and large heatsinks. For example, the 3,000-lumen ORION™ module boasts a centre-beam intensity of 7,200 candelas. That’s streets ahead of the best-in-class chip-on-board (COB) LED modules, which only manage 5,900 candelas out of a 5,500 lumen package. Combined with the precise optical control, the ORION™ modules produce beautifully even beams, with no multiple shadows or colour inconsistency. ORION™ can be mounted behind a bezel or plate of any colour to conceal the unit without any light losses. It’s more cost-effective too with a lower centre-beam candela per dollar cost and lower costs on additional components. For product designers, ORION™ is a dream come true: a slimmer, more powerful, more precise and more affordable replacement for COB LEDs in applications that require a big candela punch. Spotlights for retail applications can create drama and contrast, while consuming less energy. They can also be positioned at a greater distance from the items they need to illuminate. Outdoor architectural luminaires can be made lighter and more discreet, with more flexibility when it comes to where they are mounted, without suffering from light losses. Industrial luminaires can provide brighter light from greater heights. Applications such as in boats and kitchens where space is often limited, are also a big opportunity for ORION™. The days of big, bulky fittings are over – ORION™ rewrites the rules of directional lighting products, proving you don’t have to be big to pack a punch. For more information simply e-mail Or visit