Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 72

Rinnai innovation HOT WATER HEATING CONTINUOUS FLOW SYSTEMS SHOWS DRAMATIC SAVINGS – SAYS INDEPENDENT REPORT A recent independent report emphatically concluded that continuous fl ow water heating systems have a clear advantage in terms of initial capital costs as well as life cycle costs over 20 years, when compared with traditional stored hot water systems*. indirect system then it has to eff ectively shut down for maintenance. There’s no way around this problem. Not so with Rinnai continuous fl ow units as we cascade them together so that the demand for hot water can be met without closing down the whole site.” The study** shows that continuous fl ow water heating systems can be up to 7% more economical than equivalent ‘traditional’ stored hot water systems but that capital costs can be 41% less than indirect systems and a whopping 49% less than direct systems. AECOM, the world’s biggest building services consultants, was commissioned to carry out a totally independent life cycle study on continuous fl ow water heating systems, and to provide a comparison with conventional storage systems. Two case studies were provided on projects using continuous fl ow water heating systems. “In terms of maintenance you need to be realistic and not theoretical,” says Rinnai managing director Tony Gittings. “If a site has direct or an AECOM then determine