Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 57

Reynaers systems unite form with function at Barco One The new headquarters of Belgian technology giant Barco utilises an innovative design concept with aluminium window and curtain walling systems from Reynaers. Alternatively known as ‘The Circle,’ the project uses transparency as a key theme. The glass facade was designed by Jaspers- Eyers Architects to form a skin around the circular building’s open plan central atrium space, where daily activities are illuminated with a full 360 degrees of natural light. Architect John Eyers explains that the circular form of Barco One contributes to its social function, as well as making it a centre point between other buildings on the campus in Kortrijk, Belgium. The facade was also designed to reflect Barco’s brand and allow its technological innovations to be demonstrated. These include an entertainment room showcasing its beaming equipment, as well as a cinema for its audio tech. Internal walls are finished with a taut, sleek appearance to become projection screens, immersing visitors in Barco’s products. A total of 7,900 square meters of glass and aluminium systems were installed across Barco One in close collaboration between not only the architects and Reynaers, but also Cordeel as the contractor and aluminium construction experts Belgo Metal BV. Accounting for almost half the f )ѽ \ɕٕ͕ͽѥ)ݥѠͱɽ́ɽI幅́́)᥵մɅ履Ё)ѼѡͥQ́)ѡЁѡՍɅЁѡ݅)ͥѥѼѡѕɥȁѡե)ݥѠѡɽ܁ɥ́ѡ)х͕݅٥ͥѼѡѕɥȸ)I 5ɭѥ5ȁ)I幅̰ͅ胊qQ́مɥ)ȁ \х݅ѕ)ɽٕ́Ʌɕ䁅݅ɐ)ͥѱ́Ѽэѡɍѕӊéͥ)̸Qѥ́ɽ)ѡЁQ ɍ́ݥѠаɕՍ)́͡ѡɥմ]Ё)́ե́ɝ䵕)ѕɅɔɽ)I幅ϊdѕ́ȁѡɵ)Ёхɐ+q ɽ́ѡ)ձѡ́́хѥᅵ)܁ݔɽՍͽѥ)Ѽɍѕϊdɕѥٔѥ)ɕ丁 ɍ=ٕ́)х́䁍ٕȁͥݥѠ)͔ͅ䁙ȁх٥ͥѽ́ѡ)э́ѡ ɍɅt)Qѕɥȁչѥ́ѡե)ɕѼ́ѕɥȰɥѡ)ѼMɽɥ齹х́Ѽѡ)ȁٕ́ɽ٥ͽȁɽ)ѡѕɥȰݡɅхɍ͔)ѡɥմ͕́ɕЁѡ)ѕɥȁ́幅ͱ)ѡȁͥͥѕɥȁѥ̰)݅ѕȁɔ́ɽ́Ѽа)ѡեѼѡ͍+qQչՔɽչ́͡)ѡѕɹѥ́ɔѡ)啕́յѼѡȁɔ)ѕɕєѥٔt)ͅqQم͡aѥ)ϊdхаɥѼЁ)A͕ɕ́Ѽѡᕐɔѡ)եѡՍɔɔ)хЁٕѥ٥今t)AѽɅ䁍ѕ䁽AYٕ