Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 40

our DESignS foCuS on SpaCE MaxiMiSaTion, DESign innovaTion anD a LuxuriouS finiSh. WE WorK in a hoLiSTiC Way So prESEnT, paST anD fuTurE SpaTiaL iSSuES arE DEaLT WiTh in a uniQuE Way. WorDS: sPiroJ architecture sPiroJ architecture At Siproj Architecture we endeAvour to keep our promise to design new ways to live. The fact that we specialise in residential design and building means that our work influences directly the lives and wellbeing of our clients. Our clients are families, young and old couples, single people and developers. It’s with this focus that we try to engage in a healthy and productive approach to architecture because every project is will inevitably be the central part of someone’s routine. A great design will bring