Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 25

Groundshield - The Complete Solution Today's foundations are not just there as a long term base for our houses, they need to be very thermally efficient too. Groundshield is the new generation of insulated raft foundations from AFT Ltd. AFT are the UK's leading designer and builder of insulated raft foundations using modern materials and methods to construct foundations that will perform and last for the lifetime of the building and beyond. Outstanding Flexibility Groundshield can be designed to suit a wide range of house types, including split level houses, circular houses, houses with basements, houses with swimming pools, all are easily and expertly accommodated by our Engineer. Groundshield has been used for, passive houses, timber frame, steel frame, ICF's, masonry brick and block, single and multi-storey houses and demonstrated outstanding flexibility. Based on a soil survey, establishing the ground condition, the right type of foundation can be chosen. Piled foundations can also be accommodated. Groundshield can also accept any underfloor heating product easily offering the perfect platform for an efficient system. Groundshield doesn’t require any screed as the power floated slab is the finished floor. Outstanding Performance Groundshield achieves unsurpassed U values and PSi values (linear thermal bridging values) due to its bridge free design and excellent thermal components. U values as low as 0.08 W/m2K and PSi values as low as 0.01 W/m.K are possible with the minimum increase in materials and cost. Outstanding Speed Groundshield can be installed with a small team of experienced groundworkers. Once the ground is prepared with hardcore and chippings a timescale of 2 -3 days can be expected to final pour and power floating. Outstanding Quality Groundshield components are of the highest quality. The major component is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which comes in three densities; EPS 100, EPS200, EPS300 to receive the highest line and point loads in the design. Expanded Polystyrene has a well-established green credentials with a BRE Green Guide rating of A+ and is a long lasting material because it is non-biodegradable. EPS is lightweight, clean, easy to handle and will put no damaging chemicals into the ground or water supply. Outstanding Economy Because of its simple design and high performance components Groundshield uses less concrete and reinforcement resulting in a really economical foundation. Added to this the speed of construction and minimal waste for disposal Groundshield mean it is the perfect solution for insulated raft foundations. AFT can be contacted through their website where many case histories can be viewed. Alternatively please find below contact details for Mr Olof Christiansen. Email: Phone: 0145 786 3083 AFT have many years of experience in designing and constructing foundations for a variety of clients and house types and achieved a Grand Design special award as a Green Hero in 2014. Groundshield have been the first fully CE marked raft foundation system in the UK/Europe and the system is backed by AFT's product liability insurance to give the client complete peace of mind and a foundation which will continue to benefit the householder for the entire lifetime of the building.