Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 114

25 26 27 28 25 26 GREY IS THE NEW WHITE! TRANSFORM YOUR PROJECTS WITH DECORATIVE PANELS There is an undeniable trend within the Home Improvement market from white towards colour when choosing replacement windows, doors and roofline products. Grey is rapidly becoming the new white! At Freefoam we are seeing these market forces converting in to sales and have seen a significant increase in orders for Anthracite Grey fascia and soffit during the last year. Installers can now provide Homeowners the opportunity to create a fully coordinated roofline for their home by offering Freefoam’s new Anthracite Gutter. Introduced last year, the Anthracite Grey rainwater range is an exact match (Ral No.7016) to the already popular fascia and soffit products and coordinates with many popular shades of window frame and door finishes. All products are listed online at Have you ever thought about decorative panels? From brass to wood, you can choose from a wide range of materials to truly transform you [\[ܜ˂]\[H\H\و\Yۜ›܈[\ۈܙX][ۋ\HX[H\H›[Z][]Y\\\][܂[ܘ][Xܘ]]H[[˂x&]HܚYXܛH[HوڙXX]HY[\[\Yۙ\\]X܈\[\\\][B[HHوHXKBH[]\]HوX[\\[[X\YܚX[\Y[H[\ܘY[ ]\]8&\܈[\[ܜ܈^\[ܜB[ٙ\H\H][ۈZ][KΈ˘] ]X˘˝Z‘N\XP] ]X˘˝Z• L ̌•HSHUTSԑHёT•HTTSPSӈтPԐUUHSSHUTSSSHSHPS˂H[][\[\Y]X[]B[H[H]\[܈X[[\˂HܙX]H\H[H]\[[X[[\܈[H[[\YKY[HXܘ]]H\[ZX[[H]\[[\YHX[HXZ\˜H][Y[ ٙ[\ۂ[]YX[\H[[H]\Xܘ]]H[[H]\[[X[YX\˂\H[H[[\[ق[H]\[[X[ۜ܈][X\\[]\ˈH]BH\\[X[ۈوY][\ܚ[H]\[]Z[XH[]\K\[H]\[[H\Y\BX\Z[[\ݙH܈[š[H][[\HX܈\\[܈[\]K˝[[]\[ܙK˝ZŒQSSY[[XZ\Hܛ8&\[X]]Y[[XYH[\\˂X[[H[\[]\]^\[\XXHܙX]B۝[\ܘ\K[Y[\[\[ܜ˂\ܙX]]HX[H\HXܘ][ۂو[[Y\Yۙ\[ܘYY[Hۙۈ[[K[ܛYYBH\Y]Hو\ܛ\[[\BXܛH[\Y\Y[[ܙX]\[\]YH]\Yۜ]\H]ۘB\ [Y[\[[Y[ HZ[HKZ[[H[\\Y\]X\Z[[Y[X\]Y\œX\[[[\ܚš[ݘ]]H\YۜZ]^x&\\\˂H[ۙY\YH[و[X[\[˜[\\YH[[][H[™[XY\KZ[[[XYH\[YBXܘ]]HܛH]ZYق[[K˙Y[[ ˝Z