Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 112

17 18 19 20 17 18 GHIZLAN EL GLAOUI EKOSTAR INTRODUCE THEIR NEW INFRARED ENERGY SAVING HEATING SYSTEM FOR HOMES AND BUSINESSES Moroccan-born artist, Ghizlan el Glaoui has developed a unique take on mosaic art that fuses ancient paint techniques with the latest in interactive LED lighting technology. Inspired by her Berber heritage, Ghizlan uses a geometrical method employed in fresco art to capture the essence of her subjects through vivid colours, oils, traditional tempuras and luminescent metallic paints on canvas, which she then illuminates from behind. This provides the ability to change the colour and temperature of the light - which can be controlled through an iPad or remote control - depending on the time of day. Available in any size or scale for residential or commercial projects, the result is a series of distinctive paintings reminiscent of the glittering mosaics of the Byzantine Empire, Ekostar’s new infrared heating system will