Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 105

“ ” … pre-build accuracy using 3D modelling …with Timber, SIP & CLT frames Technical Timber Frame Design & Engineering for UK’s first Amphibious House (BACA Architects) Circular Creche with feature centre pole & ‘cartwheel’ “NiftyLift”, Milton Keynes (q2 architects) Save the World & your wallet – Low Energy Homes natural, sustainable, stunning, beautiful, warm Simply Inspirational! Breath-taking! Whatever your Dream Home, we’ll help you get it off the ground (or water) The world is a beautiful place. We want to help you keep it that way. Send us your drawings for a free estimate Send us your drawings for a free estimate ... building with solid timber the EASY way! … feature trusses in a wide range of styles & sizes Trad