Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 103

CLARKE INSTRUMENTS LAUNCH NEW SOLAR TURNSTILE Clarke Instruments in collaboration with Solar & Electric Gates Ltd have developed a new solar powered turnstile. Engineers from the two companies have worked together to develop the new design for the 480B-SOLAR fence line turnstile, based around Clarke Instrument Ltd’s robust 480B economy fence-line turnstile, Solar & Electric Gates Ltd’s solar panels and Paxton proximity cards. The integrated solution is said to have many benefi ts and can handle up to 5,000 users. The design has been developed for Rapid Deployment and comes with complete access control. The new design is suitable for temporary construction sites, remote sites, permanent construction sites without a power source, and for emergency security requirements. This design concept enables the delivery of the turnstile inclusive of a freestanding galvanised tread plate to which it is permanently fi xed, so it can be placed on a fl at level surface and is ready to use. This eliminates the normal building site infra structure costs associated with installing turnstiles on the fence-line as it does not require mains electricity. It has the added advantage of fl exibility, enabling the rapid redeployment if for any reason the fence line entrance needs moving during the project. Simply lift on a fork lift and relocate. Incorporated into the solution is a standby battery and solar panel combination designed for unlimited use in normal British weather. The trickle charge from the solar panel should keep the battery topped up. If needed, the battery can be charged quickly from a 240V AC supply. The product is ready to use straight out of storage. History in the heart of Whitehall protected with the help of Selectaglaze Architects to provide a bespoke solution that not only offered protection to the large windows, but was discreet enough to blend in with the Grade I Listed interior. Banqueting House, Whitehall is in the heart of the tourist trail with Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey nearby. It was designed by prominent architect Inigo Jones in 1619-22 after its predecessor was destroyed by fire. Today, it is managed by Historic Royal Palaces. Security was a concern during renovation planning, as was reducing the noise egress. Selectaglaze, was approached by Carden & Godfrey Archetech Template Divided.indd 1 Selectaglaze is the leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of secondary glazing. With fifty years’ experience, it has worked on all building styles. You can see them at the Security and Counter Terror Show 3-4th May, Olympia; Stand E64. Contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271, or visit: Installing the units provided a challenge as half of the openings were 10m above the main floor. Working with Gardiner and Theobald, structural engineers Hockley & Dawson and Royal Warrant holding scaffolders Allen and Foxworthy, a careful method of installation was formulated involving a columnar scaffolding design complete with lifting apparatus to each opening. In all, 39 units were installed and provided essential UV filtering to the Thomson Specification approved by the National Images courtesy of JZA Photography Banqueting House is home to the only surviving ceiling painting series by Sir Peter Paul Rubens, a magnificent canvas commissioned by Charles I. It is also the only complete surviving building left of Whitehall Palace, which burnt down in 1698. The Main Hall window openings were 3.6m high and 2.0m wide. Successful testing was carried out for the largest ever single casement to be blast tested in the UK. The design replaced the blast net curtains, allowing daylight once again to flood into the Main Hall. Signi X[\BYX[ۈ[^\و YܙX]YH[]Z[܈\]ܜY]BX[˂[\KH[\˂ ̌ M MN