Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 101

EQUITONE SPECIFIED FOR FLAGSHIP PRIMARY SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION A newly constructed primary school, located in New Islington, Manchester, has been completed with EQUITONE fibre cement facade material from Marley Eternit. The £4.3 million development, involving Cassidy + Ashton Architects and Conlon Construction Ltd, was funded entirely by the Department of Education to provide primary school pupils with a permanent place to learn following the increase in students throughout the area. The new school, located on a brownfield site, is situated directly on the banks of the New Islington Marina. EQUITONE [tectiva] was specified for the project due to its low maintenance properties and to help meet the requirements of a modular build. Speaking of the build, Frank McCabe, Associate at Cassidy + Ashton Architects, said: “As the construction period we had available was shorter than normal, this meant we needed resilient materials which could be installed within this time frame. This led us to the decision of adopting a modular build. “Our brief was to create an aesthetic that represented a natural concrete panel, but we also needed a durable material with installation methods to match our chosen method of building. EQUITONE was the perfect material to help us achieve this.” The light shade of EQUITONE [tectiva] in colour Linen reflected the visual aesthetics of the design, whilst its durability and low maintenance properties have created a resilient place of education for many years to come. EQUITONE [tectiva] was specified alongside other contemporary building materials including aluminium windows and a flat roof covering in grey, providing a cohesive and modern exterior that encapsulated the new approach to learning that takes place at the primary school. Frank added: “We are delighted with the end result of the build. EQUITONE [tectiva] perfectly reflects the visual appeal and adds a contemporary touch to the development.” EQUITONE [tectiva] is a through coloured fibre cement material that offers shades of natural colour providing a unique aesthetic effect. Characterised by the fine-sanded lines and naturally occurring hues within the material, these enhance the natural matt appearance, which comes to life with the effects of light and shade. All EQUITONE materials ar H]Z[XH[H[Hو\[\\[^[›[ۜ][[ܙX]]HK܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈTURUӑBXYHX]\X[\]˙\]Z]ۙKK