Archetech Issue 30 2017 - Page 10

controls mould while providing waterproofing and allowing air circulation. The gaps between the anodized aluminum panels and RC walls help vent air warmed by the sun, increasing the energy efficiency of the indoor cooling system. The design emphasizes not only a comfortable indoor environment, but a natural outdoor environment. In addition to fulfilling residents’ needs, it provides a comfortable environment where residents enjoy socializing with their neighbours. The aim is to give the community’s residents a sense of belonging and happiness.   about chain 10 urban sPace DesiGn CHAIN 10 URBAN SPACE DESIGN is located in Taiwan. Its projects include architecture and interior design for retail, offices, residential, recreation centres and more. The firm believes it is important to build connections between people and the environment, and strives for consistency in its designs, from architecture to interior design. The firm’s projects have won numerous awards, including the Japan JCD DESIGN AWARD- Silver Award, USA IDA Design Awards- Silver Award,  A’ Design Award-Golden  Award,  UK WIN Awards,  UK Asia Pacific Property Awards Winner- Five Star  Award, UK SBID Awards,  German Red Dot Award Winner,  German iF Design Award,  IAI Award-The Best Design Awards,HKDA Global Design Awards,  I-ding Award- Golden Award,  Asia Design Award-Golden Award,Taipei International Design Award - IFI Special Award,IIDA Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards. Its projects have been featured in the  ARCHITCTURE+KITCHEN III yearbook  and  “More than Design” design magazine (Austria). ThE buiLDing iS a SharED SpaCE for ThE rESiDEnTS of an inDEpEnDEnT CoMMuniTy. iT proviDES SpaCES for Dining, rEaDin g, ExErCiSing, LEarning, Sharing anD CoMMuniCaTion