Arcangel Contributors Photographers and Videographers - Page 22

Smart Collection SECTION 4 Saturation – Check that colours are not oversaturated. This will result in lack of detail in certain areas of bright colour. File Size – Images taken with at least an 8mp mobile device (any make). Highlights – Check for details in highlights and shadows. Format – 8 bit Jpeg Extras – No layers, extra channels or annotations. Compression – Over-compression will result in artefacts, blotchy looking skies, banding within vignettes or steps appearing on curved lines or edges. Colour space – RGB Sharpening – Minimal or none. If you see halos at edges of images or granulation in areas of sky or along edges, the image may be oversharpened. Resolution – Shot at Maximum resolution the mobile device is capable of, set to finest. Colour correction – Free of unwanted colour casts. Check where relevant that the whites and greys are neutral. DIGITAL REQUIREMENTS Check Gamut – Always good to run this check to see which RGB colours change in CMYK. Caption material – Caption/credit/keywords should be included In File Info, alternately these can be added online once the images have been uploaded to your account. Interpolation – Images do not need to be interpolated. Orientation – Please orient all images the right way round. Dust and scratches – Images should be free of unwanted dust and scratches and cleaned at 100 percent. Adobe Photoshop’s built in dust and scratches should be used with caution – manual correction offers much more control. Model Releases – All images of recognisable people should be model released, we do not accept unreleased images. - 22 - - 23 -