Arcangel Contributors Photographers and Videographers - Page 20

SECTION 4 Photography: Rights-Managed, Royalty Free and Nx Collections: File Size – 4800 pixels ( equivalent to A3 page size ). Colour correction – Free of unwanted colour casts. Check where relevant that the whites and greys are neutral. Check Gamut – Always good to run this check to see which RGB colours change in CMYK. Caption material – Caption/credit/keywords should be included In File Info, alternately these can be added online once the images have been uploaded to your account. Format – 8 bit Jpeg Colour space – RGB Compression – Over-compression will result in artefacts, blotchy looking skies, banding within vignettes or steps appearing on curved lines or edges. Resolution – 300 dpi is an accepted convention for most of publishing. Ensure the longest length of any image is at least 4800 pixels, this will roughly give you an A3 sized image. Orientation – Please orient all images the right way round. Saturation – Check that colours are not oversaturated. This will result in lack of detail in certain areas of bright colour. Adobe Photoshop’s built in dust a