Arcangel Contributors Photographers and Videographers - Page 18

SECTION 3 Can I submit Images to other picture libraries? What can be considered too similar? The most obvious is splitting the same shoot between agencies. Also overuse of the same model, outfits and locations. This depends on the collection your work is in: Rights-Managed Premium Collection: Our premium core collection is made up of exclusive RM imagery. This work is exclusive to Arcangel and cannot be licensed directly by the contributor or submitted to another library. Many of our publishing clients require certain levels of licensing protection, this ensures the same images do not appear on their competitor’s covers. Royalty Free Collection: Images from our RF collection can be sold via other RF outlets and are not exclusive to Arcangel. RF work should not be sold as Microstock. FAQS Agencies that ask for exclusivity over your entire portfolio of work... Photographers or videographers should not be coerced into this way of working. We believe the contributor should choose where to place their work. Nx Collection: Our Nx collection hold rights-managed non-exclusive images. You are free to submit these to other libraries. If I join Arcangel, can I continue to sell prints of my work? Some of our contributors have told us of agencies that demand exclusivity over all their stock portfolio, or demand that all images should first be submitted to them before anybody else, what we term ‘cherry picking’ the best. Yes you can. You can continue to sell prints both online and through galleries, exhibitions etc… The print and collectors market is very different to the market we operate in. Submitting to other Libraries (Relevant to RM Premium Collection only). Can I upload work to photo sites such as Flickr and Red Bubble? The photographic industry is tough and we have no issues with contributors submitting to other libraries. There are a few important points to consider when working with other agencies. Yes you can, as long as you don’t license images directly (applicable to premium RM collection only). Please do not submit very similar images to other libraries, especially those that work in the same industries we specialize in. When a client is paying a premium for using your work, they don’t want to see near identical alternatives available to their competitors. Your work will lose that ‘Special’ factor as they will see similar versions available throughout numerous other outlets. Can I license my images directly? Not those held in our premium rights-managed collections. If you have further questions, please visit our helpdesk at The other danger is over-exposure of your images, clients receiving promotions of the same photographer with the same type of work from multiple libraries can have a detrimental effect on your sales rather than a positive one. - 18 - - 19 -