AQUA BOOK 2016 - Page 33

DIVERSITY Corpus Christi is the 36th most diverse city in the nation, and San Antonio takes the 37th place. The high ranking of Corpus Christi’s overall diversity is partly due to its relatively diversified economy, which balances the traditional energy and manufacturing industries with a relatively high service sector. Laredo is relatively low in overall diversity due largely to its least diverse population among all U.S. cities. In the context of economic class diversity, then the cities in South Texas are in the middle of the rankings. WalletHub measures this type of diversity by the distribution of households by income and education attainment. Most Diverse Cities (Rankings) The cities in South Texas are highly diverse. . . 153 37 36 Corpus Christi Laredo San Antonio Source: WalletHub. Most Ethno-Racial Diverse Cities (Rankings) 313 175 Corpus Christi 145 Laredo SOUTH TEXAS CITIES BY THE RANKINGS The cities in South Texas are highly diverse in the board sense of diversity. WalletHub has scored each city’s level of overall diversity by scores in a number of perspectives, including economic class diversity, demographic diversity, diversified economy, and household diversity. Economic class diversity is specifically measured by diversity in income, education and so on. Demographic diversity is further broken down into diversity in ethno-racial groups, languages and birth places. San Antonio Source: WalletHub. Annual Review of South Texas Economy 31