AQUA BOOK 2016 - Page 32

SOUTH TEXAS CITIES BY THE RANKINGS 30 Among other things, the quality of life and workforce readiness of a region are key factors for business relocations and thus sustainable economic development. Those factors might have played a role for the exodus of corporate headquarters particularly from Corpus Christi in recent decades. Most Educated Cities (Rankings) 150 Corpus Christi is in the midst of a virtuous cycle. Brownsville 138 147 Corpus Christi McAllen 109 San Antonio Source: WalletHub. Yet Corpus Christi is in the midst of a virtuous cycle. The emergence of new industries will better enable the community to improve various aspects of its overall quality of life, such as development of additional recreational facilities in its downtown area and other amenities across the metro area. Such developments will in turn boost future business and economic development. Credit Scores (Percentile) 5 Brownsville 16 Corpus Christi Source: WalletHub. Annual Review of South Texas Economy 6 Edinburg 8 8 Harlingen Kingsville 8 Laredo 18 19 McAllen San Antonio