AQUA BOOK 2016 - Page 26

SOUTH TEXAS CITIES BY THE RANKINGS HOUSING MARKETS 24 The housing markets in South Texas were also quite healthy in 2015. The WalletHub survey took into account real estate conditions as well as affordability and overall economic conditions. Among the 300 markets in the survey, Laredo had the 40th healthiest market, San Antonio 61st, followed immediately by Corpus Christi. Healthiest Housing Markets (Rankings) South Texas economy is vibrant with ample economic opportunity. . . 62 40 61 Corpus Christi Laredo San Antonio Source: WalletHub. ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY Beyond recent growth, the South Texas economy is vibrant with ample economic opportunity for job seekers and entrepreneurs. To assess the health of job markets, WalletHub has compiled city rankings in terms of the ease to start a career or find a job. The specific metrics include the numbers of entry-level and professional jobs, starting salaries, workforce diversity, housing affordability and a host of quality of life measures. In South Texas, Corpus Christi is considered the best city to start a career, as it offers relatively more professional opportunities. Other cities trailed Corpus Christi in opportunities for professional jobs, but San Antonio offered an overall higher quality of life, especially in better housing affordability and recreational activity. Along with more job opportunities, Corpus Christi is within the top tier of hardest working cities in America. The survey for “hardest working cities” weighed in the average workweek hours and labor force participation rate. In Corpus Christi, 74 percent of the adult population joins the workforce, and people work on average 40.3 hours per week. Both are the highest among the metro areas in South Texas. Annual Review of South Texas Economy