AQUA BOOK 2016 - Page 25

SOUTH TEXAS CITIES BY THE RANKINGS ECONOMIC HEALTH Like the rest of the Lone Star State, most metro areas in South Texas fared well by comparison from the perspective of recent economic growth. In a recent survey of WalletHub, all South Texas cities except Brownsville were within the top 10 percent of America’s fastest growing cities. The metrics for the rankings include job growth, change in unemployment and population growth between 2008 and 2014. It is no surprise that the top five fastest growing cities were all in Texas, which benefitted much from the shale oil boom during that period. Among the 515 cities in the 2015 survey, Edinburg and Corpus Christi joined other cities in Texas as leaders in recent economic growth. Edinburg took the 12th place and Corpus Christi ranked 22nd. Even the lowest ranked city in South Texas— Brownsville—outperformed two-thirds of other U.S. cities. . . . the top five fastest growing cities were all in Texas. 2015 Fastest Growing Cities (Rankings) 124 22 Brownsville Corpus Christi 12 40 42 62 Edinburg Laredo McAllen San Antonio Source: WalletHub. Annual Review of South Texas Economy SOUTH TEXAS CITIES BY THE RANKINGS W hat sets South Texas apart from the rest of the nation? In recent years, most communities in this region leveraged the effects of the U.S. shale oil revolution with extraordinary growth. Now that the oil boom has come to an end, the regional economy will likely return to its historical path over time. It would therefore be helpful to see how the region stacks up in the context of its business competitiveness and quality of life. To this end, this section summarizes the findings of a large number of rankings compiled by WalletHub for U.S. cities. 23