AQUA BOOK 2016 - Page 15

A TALE OF TWO COUNTIES DIVERGING REGIONAL DEVELOPMENTS Despite an overall slowdown in the Corpus Christi metro area, its various communities are facing diverging economic patterns. Cities where those large-scale industrial sites are being constructed, notably Gregory and Ingleside in San Patricio County, have continued to experience surges in business activity, as evident in the growth of their sales tax volumes. The uneven impact is very much a result of where the industrial investment occurs, but is reflective of one time (or limited duration) collections during the construction period. The wider and more long-term sales tax collections will be likely seen where the populace lives, shops, and spends money within the local area. Corpus Christi Local Sales Tax Trends 160 140 120 100 80 Jun |2014 Jul PORT ARANSAS INGLESIDE GREGORY PORTLAND MATHIS ODEM SINTON TAFT ARANSAS PASS ROCKPORT FULTON Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar CORPUS CHRISTI Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec |2015 Sources: Texas Comptrollers of Public Accounts, and author's calculations. In contrast to an economic slowdown, the record number of industrial development projects in those communities mostly within San Patricio County have led only to growing pains for city officials in an effort to expand their community infrastructure and housing supply, among other things. Annual Review of South Texas Economy 13