AQUA BOOK 2015 - Page 8

UNEMPLOYMENT G auging by the unemployment rate, the labor markets of San Antonio and Corpus Christi have been more robust than the state as a whole. The two metro areas’ unemployment had dipped below the 5-percent threshold by mid-2014. An unemployment rate of 5 percent is widely regarded by economists as the benchmark for full employment. Laredo’s unemployment rate has also improved significantly after 2010. Brownsville and McAllen, on the contrary, suffered double-digit unemployment rates until the beginning of 2014. Unemployment Rate, Seasonally Adjusted ECONOMIC TRENDS 15 6 10 5 Corpus Christi 0 2008 2009 Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Annual Review of South Texas Economy 2010 Brownsville 2011 McAllen Laredo 2012 San Antonio 2013 Texas 2014