AQUA BOOK 2014 - Page 8

Snapshots Across the Region The previous section provides a panoramic view of recent economic development in the Coastal Bend as a whole. This section instead takes a close look at each of the 12 counties within this region. Each community snapshot covers some vital economic indicators for 2013, including population, employment, average wages and income levels. For those key statistics, we also include percent changes from the previous year, which capture short-term economic growth; and percent changes since 2008, which reflect long-term changes in economic conditions. We will also summarize development in the local labor markets, followed by a description of the landscape of the local economy in the context of job distribution and growth by industry. Each county update ends with a description of recent developments in local business and the local housing market. Jobs and Earnings Stay Ahead Across the Region With the Eagle Ford in the backyard, the Coastal Bend has been experiencing unprecedented economic growth. The ripple effects were felt in most local communities with employment and income gains in 2013. Total wage earnings rose 8.6 percent ac ɽ