AQUA BOOK 2014 II - Page 37

BY THE NUMBERS 2014 Establishments 8,007 1% 22 +2.7 10,105 5% Employees per Business Self-Employment –Male 65% –Female Change from 2001 35% Diversity (Percentile) –Industry 90 –Occupation 79 Business Profile Business Establishments, 2014 With over 350,000 residents, Nueces County is the most populated metro-area county in the Coastal Bend, making up 60 percent of the region’s population. The county has over 8,000 business establishments, and the average size of those businesses has expanded appreciably by 2.7 more employees since 2001. The manufacturing sector accounts for only 3 percent of all business establishments. However, firms in that particular sector tend to be much larger in terms of employment and sales. Together, the 244 manufacturing facilities generate over 60 percent of the county’s annual gross sales. The economic landscape of Nueces County is shifting over time. Unlike other counties in the Coastal Bend, its location quotients acro