AQUA BOOK 2014 II - Page 31

BY THE NUMBERS 2014 634 Employees per Business Self-Employment 7% 27 +8.2 996 Establishments Change from 2001 42% –Male 69% –Female 31% Diversity (Percentile) –Industry 33 –Occupation 55 Business Profile Business Establishments, 2014 K Kleberg County has nearly 650 businesses supporting its population of 32,000. With a strong military presence, its local economy has shown remarkable stability. With its major military base, Naval Air Station Kingsville, as a major economic driver, the county has relatively low industry diversity. Sales by Industry ($ mil), 2013 Businesses by Industry, 2014 Review of South Texas Business Conditions LEBERG COU NTY After reaching a peak of 640 units in 2007, the number of local businesses has remained stable through today. Measured by the number of businesses across industries, the economy of Kleberg County is well diversified. Retail trade accounts for the most business establishments as well as sales in the county. Although remaining relatively small, employment in private educational services has expanded much faster than that in other local industries. 29 llllllllllll llllllllllll