AQUA BOOK 2014 II - Page 29

BY THE NUMBERS 2014 Change from 2001 Establishments 36 38% Employees per Business 26 +9.5 Self-Employment 45 -65% –Male 73% –Female 27% Diversity (Percentile) –Industry 0 –Occupation 1 Business Profile Business Establishments, 2014 K Kenedy County has fewer than 450 residents. A total of 36 business establishments are now operating in this least populated county in the Coastal Bend. Despite wide variations in the number of businesses over the past decade, the average size of its local businesses has grown remarkably. The local economy is anchored by 6 firms in the fishing and hunting sector, along with some retail vendors and service businesses. Sales by Industry ($ mil), 2013 Businesses by Industry, 2014 Review of South Texas Business Conditions ENEDY COU NTY With employment concentrated in the agricultural and oil and gas sectors, the county’s economy is least diversified among all counties in the region as well as in the nation as a whole. 27 llllllllllll llllllllllll