AQUA BOOK 2014 II - Page 25

BY THE NUMBERS 2014 209 Employees per Business Self-Employment 6% 25 +4.3 442 Establishments Change from 2001 9% –Male 68% –Female 32% Diversity (Percentile) –Industry 7 –Occupation 3 Business Profile Business Establishments, 2014 Duval County has experienced substantial economic growth in recent years. Its local business conditions, either in terms of the number of businesses or sales, have bucked the regional downward trends. The number of business establishments in Duval County grew from just below 180 in 2003 to over 210 in 2013. Sales by Industry ($ mil), 2013 Businesses by Industry, 2014 Review of South Texas Business Conditions DUV AL COU NTY While local businesses spread among a large number of industries, their sizes vary remarkably. The 11 construction firms together generate more one quarter of the county’s gross sales volume, and the single manufacturing firm accounts for 12 percent. While employment in Duval County is largely concentrated in the health care and construction sectors, the trade and manufacturing sectors have grown rapidly in the past decade. 23 llllllllllll llllllllllll