AQUA BOOK 2014 II - Page 20

Industry Employment Dynamics, 2014 Self-Employment About 15 percent of the local workforce is self-employed. Both the absolute number of self-employed and their share of the local workforce have declined slightly since the last economic boom ended in 2007. Self-employment in Aransas County is concentrated in oil and gas extraction, which is remarkably high in both location quotient and shift share. The construction industry also has a high shift-share ratio, meaning that self-employment has increased substantially within that industry. ARANSAS COUNTY Reflecting its industry landscape, the largest businesses in Aransas County are mostly in services, from retail trade to lodging and construction. llllllllllll llllllllllll Self-Employment Trend Self-Employment Dynamics Top 10 Businesses Business Name Industry (NAICS) Walmart Department Stores (452111) 125 Carabin & Shaw Injury Lawyers Offices of Lawyers (541110) 104 Coastal Production Services Site Preparation Contractors (238910) 100 Summer Sun Homes New Single-Family Housing Construction (236115) 100 Aransas Autoplex Aransas County Offices of Bank Holding Companies (551111) 100 Holiday Inn Hotels and Motels (721110) 97 Blockbuster Video Video Tape and Disc Rental (532230) 90 Brownsville Air Center Inland Water Freight Transportation (483211) 85 Rockport Coastal Care Center Nursing Care Facilities (623110) 82 Gulf Pointe Plaza Nursing Care Facilities (623110) 75 Source