AQUA BOOK 2014 II - Page 19

BY THE NUMBERS 2014 Change from 2001 616 9% 13 +1.4 1,079 18% Establishments Employees per Business Self-Employment –Male 76% –Female 24% Diversity (Percentile) –Industry 71 –Occupation 35 Business Profile Business Establishments, 2014 AR Aransas county is one of three counties that make up the Corpus Christi metro area. The number of business establishments has fluctuated along with the local economy, reaching its peak in 2007. Business conditions appear to have stabilized since 2011. The majority of businesses are in the service sector, such as accommodation and food services, and retail trade. As such, most businesses are quite small, with 13 employees on average. Relatively to other U.S. counties, Aransas County has relatively high industry diversity, but its employment is rather concentrated among fewer occupations. Sales by Industry ($ mil), 2013 Businesses by Industry, 2014 Review of South Texas Business Conditions ANSAS COU NTY The industry landscape of Aransas County has remained quite steady. A clear positive relationship exists between the relative employment sizes of individual industries (location quotients) and the relative growth of those industries over time (shift-share ratios). Retail trade, real estate, and oil and gas extraction all have a high location quotient and shift share. 17 llllllllllll llllllllllll