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The Australian Quarter Horse Association is striding forward in leaps and bounds; we are leaders in the equine industry. The outcome of this financial year is available in this edition of the magazine and I would like to address the Associations downturn in revenue is primarily due to the economic stresses reported nationally. The AQHA Board recognised this trend early and continually reduced overheads and expenses to lessen the impact on the Association. With the continuity of sound management we will cement AQHA for the future and the Directors have addressed some areas of the business and further reduced expenditure for the next 12 months. The Board has set a budget for the next financial year to return the business to a financially sound entity reported in a positive position. I recently returned from the Youth World Cup in Texas and would like to congratulate the Australian Quarter Horse Association’s Team, Coach Pauline Stuart-Fox and Youth Convenor Craig Rath, for the outstanding results accomplished in 2018. I have been involved with this event for many years and I am a very proud President of its success. This event produces leadership, camaraderie, advances competitors riding skills, initiates communication and allows competitors to form relationships that will last the participants a life time. Australia knows what it takes to organise the Youth World Cup and without the efforts of the YWC committee, stewards, clinicians, volunteers and the generous donation of Quarter Horses for the teams to compete on, none of this could be accomplished. We would like to thank everyone involved from Team Australia. Kim Johnson Kim Johnson Portfolio: President, International, AmQHA Oceania Director Cuttabar Quarter Horses, Silver Valley, 278 Jeffries Road, LOCKSLEY VIC 3665 Mobile: 0427 667 886 Email: John Steel Portfolio: Deputy President, Investigative Officer, Affiliates 1369 Hawkers Road, WAAIA VIC 3637 Mobile: 0488 687 014 Email: Paul Lorimer Portfolio: Vice President, Show & Performance Horsemans Trading Post, 481 Underwood Road, ROCHEDALE SOUTH QLD 4123 Phone: 07 3341 5220 Work, 07 5540 3750 Home Mobile: 0412 740 065 Email: Trish Wettenhall Portfolio: Treasurer 295 Douthie Road, SEVILLE EAST VIC 3139 Phone: 03 5964 8316 Home Mobile: 0418 567 180 Email: Kate Elliott Portfolio: Amateur Division BreakODay Quarter Horses, 15 Walls Rd, GLENBURN VIC 3717 Mobile: 0418 334 582 Email: Ricky Glen Portfolio: Cattle & Timed Events, Hall of Fame 103 Wattle Rd, SERPENTINE WA 6125 Mobile: 0407 440 937 Email: Joanne Gregory Portfolio: Judging 48 Glenmore Ridge Dr, GLENMORE PARK NSW 2745 Mobile: 0437 703 353 Email: 8 • The Australian Quarter Horse Magazine • September • October • 2018 Craig Rath Portfolio: Youth 10 Baldwin Road, TATURA VIC 3616 Mobile: 0427 059 863 Email: Lorelei Payne Portfolio: Non Traditional 1029 Landsborough Maleny Rd, MALENY QLD 4552 Phone: 07 5494 2354 Home Mobile: 0412 277 712 Email: Kyle Mobberley Portfolio: Professional Horsemen, National Show Convener 115 Crawford Rd, BYRNESIDE VIC 3617 Phone: 03 5854 8363 Home Mobile: 0438 306 121 Carol Ricketts Portfolio: Studbook 120/2 Keem Street, TRINITY BEACH QLD 4879 Mobile: 0427 333 480 Email: Nicole Johnston Director 409 North Deep Creek Road, GYMPIE QLD 4570 Mobile: 0419 723 391 Email: