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esting, with the service delivered from horseback, which was great. An afternoon of bouncing pony bouncy balls, and a Ranch Sorting, with a small competition in which Chris Holmes was the Aussie participant, helped to make all the contestants become integrated.   One fabulous evening was the Chuck Wagon dinner held at the Hildebrand Centre, the Texas A & M Univer- sity Equestrian Team facility. The evening culminated in a lip sync battle, which was amazing! The South African team was the eventual winner, with a stunning performance of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies, while the Aussies did a fantastic rendition of Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, which was very loudly received. The clinics were fabulous held by great trainers who donated their time...they cannot be thanked enough for their dedica- tion. Monday 2nd saw the two Cutting contestants from each country head off with their trainers on the bus to Brenham, to the cutting arena to get to know their mounts. After the draw, the riders were mounted and worked their horses on a bag. When the rest of the teams and supporters arrived, the first Cutting was held, followed by lunch. Straight after lunch the second draw was held, and the second Cutting was held. The winner under both judges was Mattie Dukes from team USA. Australia’s entries Holly and Matt did a fine job, with Matt placing 9th under one judge. Wednesday July 4 was the Reining comp held at the Expo Centre. The draw for the horses was held at the coaches meeting, first thing in the morning, and due to the restricted number of Reining horses available, there was only one representative from each country to ride in both competitions, making a total of 19 contestants in each Reining compe- tition. Matt Frieberg was Australia’s Reiner, and he was 5th in the first Reining riding Wild Card Jackson. That afternoon was the first Trail competition and there were loud cheers as Matt, riding Zip n Flow, Amber Denton placed 2nd to Sweden in a class of 36. Taj rode Gunne Get Er Dun, who had never done Trail, to 11th place, and did a great job. Thursday July 5 was the first show day. First up was Showmanship... all three Aussies (Matt with Haterz Gonna Hate, Adam with Zip n Flow, and Holly with That’s the Facts Jak) showed really well, but Adam was the only one paid with 9th place, with USA 1st and 2nd. Horsemanship was next and the Aus- sies had three in the final 20. Matt and Gunne Get er Dun placed 5th, Amber and Zip n Flow was 6th, and Taj riding That the Facts Jak placing 11th, just out of the medals. This was followed by Hunter Under Saddle, with Amber taking 6th spot on That’s The Facts Jak, in a class of 36. Hunt Seat Equitation saw our riders do a great job (Adam, Amber, and Holly) with Amber placing 7th and Holly just out of the medals at 11th.  Last class of the day was the Ranch Rid- ing, and Amber and Matt were our two contestants, with Matt placing 4th on Spark with Desire, owned by renowned vet, Dickson Varner. Friday July 6 was again Reining, with Matt this time mounted on Spookin Jay. It was huge cheering when Matt stood in the 1st place, under the Australian flag, with our National Anthem declaring Austral- ia the winner. It was a fabulous day for Matt, who in the afternoon again rode Zip n Flow to 1st place in the Trail, ahead of Olivia Pearson from NZ. One of our horses was vetted out and so we had to get a Reserve horse 45 minutes prior to the Trail commencement...a Reiner type that again had never seen a Trail. Taj did an amazing job to get around the Trail pattern with a very controlled run. It was not easy! Saturday July 7 was the last day of competitions...the Aussies decided to go hard and for the first class it was looking great! Adam and Zip n Flow did a scorching run to take a 3rd placing out of 55!  Next class - Horsemanship, saw Amber our only placegetter in the top 10 with 5th, Matt Freiburg Holly Gutterson 20 • The Australian Quarter Horse Magazine • September • October • 2018 again from 55 entries.  In the Hunter Under Saddle we had two top tens - Amber Denton 6th on That’s The Facts Jak, and Holly and Zip n Flow 9th.  Holly backed this up in the Hunt Seat Equitation as Australia’s only top 10, placing 8th. Ranch Riding finished off the show and the compe- tition and our two entries, Taj riding Zip n Flow and Matt riding Spark with Desire, saw Matt placing 5th - a great show for all our participants. Sunday Morning was the Awards Brunch, where the placings were made official. Australia’s team fin- ished in 4th position, with Matt Frie- berg taking out the High Point Buckle for Reining and Trail. The Most Val- ued Player for the Australian Team was named as Holly Gutterson, who quietly and competently went about her job as a team player. At the conclusion of the awards everyone said their goodbyes to their new friends, and goodbye to their team mates, as they headed off with parents and relatives on their own new adventures, which left Craig, Pauline, Kim, Michaela, and Amber to get in the car, with ALL THAT BAGGAGE, and head to Ft Worth to get on the plane the next morning to head home. Craig left the group in Ft Worth and had his own adventure in Dallas. The 2018 Youth World Cup was a lot of fun, filled with excitement, as well as at times lots of feelings. It is always a most outstanding achieve- ment to see a group of young people from across this huge continent, suddenly realise that this is a Team adventure, and although it takes time, that revelation makes them so much better as young adults to deal with life. Things don’t always go the way we plan, but learning how to adjust on the run to change is a great tool. So now it’s full speed ahead in preparation for Youth World Cup 2020, wherever it may be held Pauline Stuart-Fox Australian Quarter Horse Associa- tion Professional Clinician American Quarter Horse Association Professional Horseman Taj Carson Adam Salt