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DIRECTORS REPORTS 2017/2018 country with great stories. These stories have encouraged more members to “have a go” at the non-traditional classes on offer. Next year will see many of the above initiatives continuing with the Quarter Horses greatly represented in the non-traditional portfolio throughout Australia. Lorelei Payne SHOW & PERFORMANCE REPORT The 2017- 2018 show season approvals were slightly down on previous years, however the Association recorded points from 126 ‘A’ shows, 28 ‘AA” shows, 6 ‘AAA’ State Shows and 1 ‘AAAA’ National Show. The huge variety of events that Quarter Horses participate in will keep our breed at the forefront of the equine industry. I would like to this opportunity to thank the hard working staff of the AQHA for their contribution to Show and Performance. The new iCompete Computer program was introduced and any minor issues experienced are being remedied as they are identified. It will continue to grow in capabilities over the next few years and I am certain it will be of great benefit to Affiliates and members in the future. As of 1st August the new Rule Book was released and which will be in place for the next two years. The introduction of Ranch Riding in 2016 has been very successful and has demonstrated the need for Ranch Versatility Shows have been introduced with this new Rule Book. I believe Ranch Versatility Shows, will continue to grow the populari- ty of showing Quarter Horses right across Australia. Paul Lorimer STUD BOOK REPORT The AQHA has recently introduced colour genetic testing. This is not compulsory, but a service to those members that have been interested in the colour makeup of their horses. The Stud Book Committee continues to be diligent in making sure that the integrity and pedigree of the Quarter Horse breed in Australia is protected. With the advancement of technology and research, there will always be the discovery of new genetic diseases within our industry and the committee will continue to monitor this over the coming years to the betterment of our breed. Carol Ricketts JUDGING REPORT The Annual Judge’s Seminar took place in Brisbane this year, with a good turnout of both refresher and applicant judges. We have changed the seminar format over the last couple of years to add in an extra day at the commencement of the seminar for applicant and upgrade judges only. This day is dedicated to training for our scored classes, which are by far the most difficult to understand. This has proven to increase the pass rate for our applicant judges and we have had good feedback regarding this change to the seminars. This year we have also been busy organising the training of our Ranch judges, so they can officiate over our new Ranch Versatility classes. I am sure these classes will become very popular in the near future similar to Ranch Riding. We have also been con- ducting audits of our judges and I am pleased to say this has emphasised the high standard of our judges. Joanne Gregory INTERNATIONAL REPORT The American Quarter Horse Association has recently implement- ed rule changes and they are avail- able on the AQHA website for mem- bers to peruse. The 2018 AmQHA Convention agendas and reports are also accessible for consideration. The Youth World Cup Team had great success in 2018 finishing 4th overall out of 19 countries. I would like to extend a very big thank you to Pauline Stuart-Fox, our coach, for a great job and I was very proud member of the Team Australia. Kim Johnson PROFESSIONAL HORSEMAN The Committee and I are further developing the Professional Horse- man’s division and will continue to do so over the next 12 months. This year saw the initiation of an inclusive criterion to increase numbers and progress made towards an end of year Recognition Award to commence in 2019. With the Committee’s concepts and the AQHA Board’s support the Division will advance further in the impending year. Kyle Mobberley YOUTH REPORT The AQHA Youth Portfolio through- out the 2017/18 year continued to proactively support the Australian Youth, ensuring Youth competing within AQHA did so in a fun, safe and supportive environment. The selection and ultimately the 2018 Youth World Cup Team did Aus- tralia proud, further demonstrating the enjoyment, friendships, horse- manship and leadership skills the Youth of Australia have. Not without challenges, the Youth Development Squad continued to gain momentum, however, stay tuned for a refreshed look of the Youth Division in the 2018/19 year. The Association continues to emphasise the need for education, information sharing and develop- ment of our Youth Membership, ensuring the future leaders of our industry are developed, nurtured and supported throughout their journey with the Australian Quarter Horse. Craig Rath September • October • 2018 • The Australian Quarter Horse Magazine • 17