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DIRECTORS REPORTS 2017/2018 PRESIDENT’S REPORT The Australian Quarter Horse Associ- ation is striding forward in leaps and bounds; we have become leaders in the equine industry. The outcome of this financial year was primarily due to a downturn in revenue as a result of the economic stresses reported nationally. With the continuity of sound manage- ment we will cement AQHA’s future. We have addressed some areas of the business and further reduced expenditure for the next 12 months to return the company to a positive economic position. The company has broadened the scope of development to reflect all ar- eas of the industry and the objective is to encourage membership growth and return Quarter Horse owners back to AQHA. The Australian Quarter Horse Asso- ciation is committed to the equine community both domestically and internationally and looks forward to supporting our members into the future. Wendy Kim Johnson TREASURER’S REPORT The Association for the 2017-2018 financial year has presented a loss of -$65,886. There has been a downturn in registrations, transfers and breeding returns with an increase in expenses for the administration of the business. This approximately equates to 600 registry services transactions overall. The Board and General Manager recognised this in December 2017 and continually reduced overheads and expenses to lessen the impact on the Association. This produced a more positive result than predicted. The Directors have instigated a budget for the 2018-2019 financial year to ensure the security and success of the Association into the future. Patricia Wettenhall CATTLE & TIMED EVENTS REPORT I would like to thank a few people who have helped with my portfolio in this past year, Peter Gesler and Phil Webb, whom I call on for assistance. I also wish to acknowledge Vanessa Roach for her assistance in the office. 2017/18 has seen the AQHA further developing relationships with the governing bodies covering the cattle and timed events. The Campdraft industry in Australia is exciting with the numbers of registered Quarter Horses or Quarter Horse bloodlines competing each weekend. The annual Landmark Classic Sale demonstrates the number of Quarter Horses selling and then returning to claim prize money on offer in the Campdraft. The AQHA introduced the Performance Registry and we are pleased to announce these horses will be accepted in the Landmark Classic sale in 2019. In 2018 the AQHA partnered with the NCHA for the first time and was the sponsor of the AQHA Open Derby. This was a worthy venture and demonstrates that the AQHA is acknowledging our owners and breeders in all disciplines. The Association contributes to Team Roping, Barrel Racing and Stock- man’s Challenges throughout the year and the AQHA recognises the diversity of the Quarter Horse and potential growth areas of the indus- try. Ricky Glen HALL OF FAME Firstly, I would like to thank my sub-committee Kim Johnson, Karen Thrun and Sue Williams along with my office staff member, Margaret Hausfeld for their support during the year. I would also like to acknowledge the General Manager, Toni Ross, for her efforts in the office by keeping the wheels running smoothly. 2018 will see another group of worthy recipients to be inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame. The AQHA will also be awarding Medals of Ex- cellence and Esteem. 16 • The Australian Quarter Horse Magazine • September • October • 2018 Some of these awards will be pre- sented at the 2018 Awards Night in Brisbane, whilst other recipients will be presented in 2019 in Melbourne. The Hall of Fame is recognition of AQHA members and their horses that have represented and promoted the Australian Quarter Horse. This history is preserved for future generations to ensure their legacies are continued. If you know of any worthy candi- date/s, please visit the website for nomination forms and propose them for future consideration by the committee. Ricky Glen AMATEUR REPORT I have enjoyed my first year as the Amateur Director and I would like to thank my hard working committee for their efforts. The division has recently released a survey to its members and we encourage everyone to participate, so we can better facilitate the services offered. Plans are progressing well for the 2019 Trans-Tasman hosted by New Zealand. We have revamped and developed new applications and briefing documents, which will soon be released to Youth and Amateur members. Kate Elliott NON-TRADITIONAL REPORT The Non Traditional Portfolio has continued to cover the variety of disciplines and events throughout 2017/2018. Q18 validated the importance of the Non Traditional events, with an increase in numbers across the Hack and Dressage classes, which is encouraging. The Association has introduced editorials in the AQHA magazine for the portfolio to identify non-tradi- tional happenings around the