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Vale Acres Destiny 4.2.1993 - 15.8.2018 Rest In Peace Eidsvold Charity Cattle Drive 2018 Josehpine Anderson and her daughter, Isabel just chilling out on a ride. Recently Josephine Anderson and her daughter, Isabel, spent the last week of the Easter holidays participating in the six day Eidsvold Charity Cattle Drive. This ride raised $30,000 for services: RFDS, Care Flight and Bundaberg Rotary Lodge. We drove 500 weaners riding our horses approximately 90 kilometres from Glencoe to Eidsvold Saleyards over six days. It was a wonderful experience, doing it like it was done many years ago. We camped under the stars and enjoyed camp oven dinners, while listening to drovers tell their stories. There were two drovers, Mr Ned Neumann and Mr Ron Bligh, who were well known in the Burnett area, along with Mr David White, who were conducting the whole drive. The event was to rekindle the history of Martin Snelling, who in 1926 lit campfires for hundreds of miles along the stock routes to Eidsvold. Cattle from Camboon Station had taken the long journey on this track to the Eidsvold Saleyards, many years ago. The countryside was lovely and on average we covered 15-20 kms a day in the saddle. Camping under the glorious stars at night and a full belly of deli- cious camp oven food kept us content, but we were happy to come home and have a long hot shower. Acres Destiny (IMP) was laid to rest this week 15.8.2018 . The little black horse was one of the most prolific sires ever to grace the shores of this country. Imported for the sport of Cutting it wasn’t long before he hit the Campdraft arena as a sire, from there as they say the rest is history. A true legend of the horse world. Acres leaves behind in excess of 1,334 registered QUARTER HORSE progeny to continue his legacy. NEW MEMBERS HORSEBACK RIDING PROGRAM & GOAL ACHIEVERS 10 • The Australian Quarter Horse Magazine • September • October • 2018