April News Letter

www.trophex.com TROPHIES AWARDS ENGRAVING SIGNAGE PERSONALISATION SUBLIMATION DOMING EMBROIDERY PRINTING IMAGING LASER April Newsletter 2016 Swatkins & JDS Industries formally known as magazine Swatkins Group Ltd is very proud to be working with JDS Industries in the USA – one of the world’s largest trophy distributors. These new Swatkins handmade nickel plated JDS awards are truly one of a kind and were launched at the ARA show in Las Vegas in March along with 1,200 other new products. Over the winter in 2015, Swatkins Group’s factory was very busy manufacturing a large order consisting of only British handmade component awards for JDS. The Swatkins British-made trophy cups and claret jugs were exclusively made and designed for JDS, with a unique hand chased pattern and non-tarnish nickel plated finish. The awards are made up by JDS in America on specially made piano wood finish bases. These magnificent awards are available now – please contact JDS Industries USA at sales@jdsindustries.com for more information. Apprenticeships scheme Glenway are opening launched by The Pen their doors again on from their Warehouse and Snap Products Following extremely successful open The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products are pleased to announce their new apprenticeships scheme, aimed at giving young people a chance to gain valuable print industry skills and experience. Two apprenticeships schemes are available. The first is in Machine Printing; with the opportunity to learn about printing techniques and technology, while the second is in Business Administration; offering a great chance to get into office-based customer service. Apprentices will be paid a competitive salary while they earn a recognised BPiF qualification, with the chance of a rewarding career afterwards. HR Manager Grace Mitchell said: “Apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity for young people who feel college or university is not for them. They can gain recognised qualifications whilst learning a trade, and are often offered permanent careers once they have completed their apprenticeship.” To find out more, email Grace at grace.mitchell@pens.co.uk. week last November, Glenway are opening their doors again in May for a one off extravaganza. The ‘Cash & Carry Super Sunday’, will not only have lots of ‘end of line’ bargains, but also special deals on current lines. There will of course be an added incentive for paying there and then. At the time of going to press the date had not been officially finalised, however all Glenway customers will be notified with full details within the next seven days. If you aren't on the mailing list please contact Tim Wilford on 07966 215322 or email tim.wilford@glenway.co.uk