April Magazines 2018 89123 - Page 77

Be sure to check out The Arsenal Pro Shop for all your VGK sou- venir and skating needs. Official hockey pucks, jerseys, pennants and t-shirts are just a few things available. I think I even saw golf balls and tees with the VGK logo. The Arsenal also offers skate sharpening and a wide variety of sticks, masks and padding for the serious players. One more little tidbit worth knowing: Once a month, during an away game (regular season), CNA has a “Watch Party” where the game is shown on a large screen adjacent to the rink. Center ice is reserved for fans to watch the game (while standing, skates required) and the outer oval is an open-skate for all. Children can learn to skate holding onto orange pylons and parents can pull double-duty by supervising them while not missing the game! It’s a win-win situation and fun for all. Having seen a few games at T-Mobile and after visiting CNA, I’ve realized how Las Vegas does everything right. Whether it’s build- ing a venue or getting a hockey or football team to come to fruition, one thing is certain: we go all out and manage to raise the bar in the process. And really, it’s because of us, the locals. Pat yourself on the back dear readers, as it’s our love and devotion for Las Vegas that makes things like this happen. And I’m more than happy to face-off with anyone who argues otherwise! ◆