April Magazines 2018 89123 - Page 61

A Step Above Lyric Ciarlo In Silverado High School senior Lyric Ciarlo’s words, “Talent only gets a person so far, but effort is what distinguishes them.” True to that edict, it is through hard work and dedication that she has earned her stripes as an exceptional student, athlete and musician. She takes advantage of every oppor- tunity to better herself, even if that means stepping out of her comfort zone. And if things get compli- cated or tedious, she falls back on her resilient nature to charge ahead with renewed vigor. Ultimately, her plan is simply to live life to the fullest as a vibrant, caring and good person, all of which elevates Lyric Ciarlo to– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.8 Sports/Acitivities: • Varsity Tennis, 2014-Present; Captain, 2016-Present • Varsity Track & Field, 2017 • Advanced Orchestra, 2014-Present; Concertmaster, 2016-Present • Nevada School of the Arts Chamber Orchestra, 2015-2016 • CCSD Honor Orchestra, 2014-2015 • Nevada School of the Arts Vivace Strings, 2014-2015 • Henderson Symphony, 2017 • Varsity Quiz, 2014-2017 • Engineering Club, 2017-Present • Class Committee, 2017-Present Scholarships/Awards/Community Service: • Valedictorian Candidate • Academic Letter Recipient, 2014-2017 • Scholar Athlete, 2014-Present • AP Scholar with Honor, 2017 • All-State Academic Team, 2015 & 2017 • RJ Best of Nevada Preps, 2015 • Nevada Preps Second Team All-Region–Tennis, 2015 & 2017 • Jr. Team Tennis High School Division Champion, 2015-2016 • Women’s Tennis Rookie of the Year, 2014; Coach’s Award, 2016; MVP, 2017 • University of Chicago Scholar Award and Provost’s Scholar Award • Solo and Ensemble Superior Rating, 2014-2016 • Roger Bushell Scholarship Competition Winner, 2015 • Vegas Valley Book Festival, 2017 • Friends of Jaclyn Foundation, 2017-Present Have you learned any valuable lessons on the tennis court that have transferred into your daily life? “I have learned to give everything maximum effort. On the court, being tentative doesn’t do anybody any good, except maybe your opponent. I once had a coach who told me: ‘If you miss, miss by a mile,’ and that’s kind of how I live my life. I would much rather give something my all and utterly fail than do something half-heartedly and barely miss the mark.” Has there been a time that you wanted to quit something, but stayed with it? “There were times when I was EXTREMELY close to quitting violin but didn’t. I think there was something inside me that wouldn’t let me give up. Through my experience playing violin, the stubbornness in me was strengthened, and I think that’s part of what makes me who I am.” April/May 2018 What do you find most rewarding about playing tennis? “I have to say winning is definitely reward- ing, but maybe it’s second place in the category. I think that first place would be the development of myself as a tennis player. I’ve put in many hours since I started playing in the 7th grade, and it’s most rewarding to see that the time and effort and sweat (So. Much. Sweat.) I’ve put in is paying off.” 61