April Magazines 2018 89123 - Page 12

Letter from the Editor I recently saw a report that kids now spend more time on their electronic devices and phones than they do sleeping. It’s an alarming trend and causes a variety of issues that include shorter attention spans, obesity and poor communi- cation skills just to name a few. If that’s not a wake up call to unplug and get away from your devices I don’t know what is! I say this because we as parents and grandparents must create change. We need to spend more time actually doing something in our “real” lives than watching it go by on social media or playing video games. Spring is the perfect time to get outside and spend time with our families away from our computers and phones. Our city is filled with festivals, sport- ing events and other fun things to do in the coming months; all you have to do is check out our April/May calendar (pg 62) to see the happenings. Speaking of sports, I’ve never seen a city jump behind a professional team as quickly as Las Vegas has supported the Las Vegas Golden Knights, and with good reason! Growing up here I never dreamed we’d become a hockey town, but was I ever wrong. In our Livin’ Local this month (pg 74) we bring you everything you need to know to fully enjoy the Golden Knight experience, and not just at the T-Mobile. They’ve got an impressive practice facility that’s worth a visit on its own, so don’t miss out. Being healthier isn’t just about getting out and exercising; it’s also about eating healthy and feeding our bodies nutritious, clean food. Studies show that the more colorful and diverse your meals are the healthier they are. With this in mind, we married the essentials of healthy eating with the national trend of preparing meals in a bowl. Our “can’t miss” recipes in the Love of Food (pg 26) section include easily customizable, internationally inspired recipes filled with flavorful proteins and vegetables your family will love. I hope you enjoy this issue and take every opportunity to appreciate our flawless spring weather. I look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood. Greg GREG WAGONSELLER Editor-in-Chief greg@ppplv.com